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The Japaness Attacked Pearl Harbor ? why are there so many Japanese here?

I know on Dec 7 Japaness came here and just attacked us for no reason.
Then why are there so many Japaness on our Island? Why are they even allowed to be here.
Why are they here? I go to waikiki and there everywhere. Where are the Hawaiian? Most tourist that come here never see a Hawaiian. I thank that's sad. The Hawaiian people really need to start taking a stand. or the white-man and the Japaness are going to take over Oahu.
someone just ask my yesterday. where are the Hawaiian and why did they sale out to others.

I went to the Civil Union Candle light Vigil Saturday night(I fly over just for that). They would not let me speak to the Media. I was very glad that a couple of people got to say something.

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Hawaii is a melting pot of all cultures we are not into racial discrimination for the most part. I am not of japanese ancestry but I am of chinese ancestry along with Hawaiian, Filipino, Puerto Rican (the other little bit of bloodlines - WHITE [scotch/irish/english AND eastern & western indian] is not on my birth certificate from the Merchant/Missionary families that came before to preach THE WORD.

Why don't you ask God why they are here instead of bringing this kind of energy here at Maoliworld?...I find it very offensive to the brothers and sisters here that are of Japanese ancestry BUT maybe I am misreading what you are saying. If I am, I apologize. Have you not experienced racism in your culture? If not, then you are blessed not to have experienced this. PLEASE COME IN PEACE FOR MY PEACE I GIVE YOU!
There are many Hawaiians who are of mixed ethnicities including Japanese. I have two sister in laws who are Japanese (one Hawaiian, Scottish, Japanese and the other Japanese and Filipino) too and several cousins who are Hawaiian and Japanese so singling out Japanese and only Japanese does a disservice to everyone. They are not the ones who bombed Pearl Harbor.

As far as Hawaiians taking a stance there is a Double Standard. For example when a white person speaks he is usually described as "outspoken." While when a POC speaks up they are often described as "someonewho is fighting for their rights." Sometimes they are called "activist" or "militant" too but when a Hawaiian speaks up they are almost always called names with negative connotations like "activist" or "militant" and I'm not sure why you think that Hawaiians "really need to start taking a stand." As much as we are a group of people who share the iwi and/or Ko Hawai'i Pae Aina in some way... we are also individuals so we will think, respond, and/or stand (ku'e) differently.

Perhaps it's because you saw alot of signs in Japanese in Waikiki? But that does not necessarily mean that Hawaiians are not taking a stand. One problem is that the local B.S. media either misquotes them or tries to make it seem as though they are idiots... when they are NOT but just because they are not seen in Waikiki does not mean that they are not ku'e-ing. There are many ways and different media to ku'e. Then again Hawai'i is not equal to "Waikiki." It's not the center of Hawai'i. If anything it is a center for profit at the expense of the lives of Hawaiians.

Not sure why someone asked you "where are the Hawaiian and why did they sale out to others." It's more like some people used some personal property and/or transferred some title of Hawaiians and/or their legal heirs without their consent. Therefore why blame Hawaiians? Other Hawaiians whom I know and their legal heirs never signed and they certainly never sold out.

Why not put the blame onto those who are guilty instead of blaming Hawaiians. Some people tend to do that alot. Blame da Hawaiian for everything in Hawai'i. Pollution? It's all the Hawaiians fault. Homeless people? It's all the Hawaiians fault. Japanese visiting Hawai'i in droves? It's all of the Hawaiians fault because they didn't take a stand. (They have for over 100 years.)

Hawaiians are usually the scapegoats when they are not to blame. Nor are those Hawaiians of Japanese ancestry and those local residents of Japanese ancestry. Now blaming the innocent people for what the few guilty have done... IMHO to me THAT is sad....

Unless you mean Japanese visitors visiting Waikiki. Who brought them over and who houses them? Corporate America and Corporate Japan... so why BLAME HAWAIIANS (which is often the case) and local Japanese? Blame Corporate America for selling us out.

Malama ~~ Lana
I think it bothers her because she was in WAIKIKI of all places LOL One of the worst, most annoying places.
lol Keali'i....ONE CHAPATA! maybe couple...oops da titah in me coming
Hmm, I dont really understand what your tryna get at with this post...but I'll answer it as best as I can. The reason why there are alot of Japanese in Hawai'i nei is becuase 1.Hawai'i is a major tourist destination. and 2.Japanese came to Hawaii during the plantation days to work. But i kinda know where your getting at by, ITS HAWAII so why do you rarely see Hawaiians?? Its because Hawaii is a melting pot. Hawaiians need to stop breeding with other cultures if we find that this the problem right. But there is NOTHING WRONG about mixed Hawaiians. But it would be nice to see Pure Maoli's once in a while huh...LOL
You're opening statement is already misinformation. President Roosevelt maneuvered it so the Japanese would attack Pearl Harbor. He began it with an oil embargo on Japan. He tried to get an admiral to go along with his plans in the Phillipines. When he wouldn't; Roosevelt forced the admiral's retirement and replaced him with another. When that admiral also refused; he was transferred back to the U.S. and was replaced by still another one who decided to comply with Roosevelt. The object was to force Japan to bomb Pearl Harbor which allowed Roosevelt to enter into the war in Europe with the U.S. people's support. Roosevelt's conspiracy was acknowledged after the attack but they couldn't prosecute him. Sound familiar? 9-11 is equivalent to what happened in 1941.

The thing to remember is that the Japanese attacked the U.S. at Pearl Harbor and not Hawai'i per se. The odd thing is that over 200 civilians were killed; all by friendly fire and not one by the Japanese that I'm aware of. Back then, Japanese were already part of our population mix. Some never went to Japan and some had no loyalties to it since they were born and raised in Hawai'i. Most were put into concentration camps by the U.S. and many years later, the U.S. apologized and compensated those that were interred. Many lost their businesses and homes. The 442nd made up of Hawaii Japanes were the most decorated unit of the war in Europe. It was affirmed that Sen. Inouye lost an arm by robbing the corpse of the dead. This is why his unit called him the "one-arrmed bandit". He still lives up to that name.

Most tourists don't know what Hawaiians look like in order to identify them. The white-man and the Japanese have already taken over the islands; it's called U.S. belligerent occupation, remember? We didn't sell-out to anyone.

I'm glad you made it to the Civil Union Candle Vigil at the Capitol rotanda. Christian white-man speak with forked-tongue and needed the tongue-lashing. Human rights is the key. Corporations don't like it because they might have to dish out more money that doesn't belong to them. Hospitals shouldn't prevent someone from visiting their mate nor sign for permission for anything that involves with the parties involved. Bucks for lolos!


Mahalo again Tane for educating the misinformed. I know that Rooselvelt instigated the conflict with the Japanese in his thirst for war and that from the time of annexation on, the U.S. had strained relations with Japan. The Republic of Hawaii used the threat of a Japanese takeover as justification for annexation and engaged in insults to the Japanese government to provoke them. The attack on Pearl Harbor was a strategic attack on the U.S. Navy, not the people of Hawaii.

Why would kanaka be caught dead in Waikiki unless of course the surf is pumping on the south shore or they work there to support themselves. Japanese are there in droves because HVB, HTA and our state officials have lusted after that market to fill hotel rooms and spend big bucks. Waikiki represents the ultimate commodification of our desire to be there. Oh I forgot...look for kanaka sleeping in Kapiolani Park. We are over-represented in the homeless population thanks to the high cost of real estate and Mufi "cleaning up" all the beach parks on the Waianae coast and ridding them of the homeless population. They are now migrating to Waikiki. Lets show the tourists what paradise really looks like.
There history that is untold and of course you will not find it in the text book! Many po'e on MW have information that I learned about on our history - it shocked me! Somebody writes in want they want us to know, however the lies appears faster than the truth. The media is controlled and often don't show true side of people suffering in Hawai'i.
You can definitely say Hawaii is a melting pot of all kines...chop suey, and there is no doubt dat Hawaii is hawaiian land. There are many hawaiians who are taking a stand in a more educated way, by speaking up with friendly protests & marches, researching and educating the younger generation about Hawaii Nei. You say Waikiki area is such a tourist attraction, thanks to BIG MONEY...CORPORATE AMERICA, not because hawaiians aren't taking a stand, besides why would a kanaka hangout in Waikiki (jus joke) It's all about da KALA! My family is from ahukini, kauai/nanakuli, waianae, oahu and it breaks my heart because the chicken farms i grew up on are now 4 STAR HOTELS, we had to move to da mainland jus to survive only cuz it's all about $ and dats sad to say. Please remember da basic "Aloha" and try not to put blame on da hawaiians.
I'm impressed with these kanaka responses of mature, educated compassion expressed here. I am jumpin in late but my tupuna compeled me to do so who am i to argue wit dem..

It shows Hawaiians are doing it in a mature way after all, in contrast to the opening statement of not doing nothing.

I think the statements show that the "enemy" is not a race or even a culture, but a set of unconscious to conscious values that plauges humans, and has allways done so (which is why kanawai and na loina would adress that in kahiko times but even Na Kanaka Maoli weren't perfect but had levels of perfection).

In context it is National and Military agendas playing on a global chess board and Corporat Buisness Powers playing their game too, these two are the primary powers who pull all strings to what ever degree the LAW allows them to, and then how much people don't show up to rock da boat an evolve the Law in each application of its effectivness.Untill the evolution calls all to adhere, They showed up 4 vietnam and den look what happened. they showed up for Sandy beach and look what happened...all in its due time....if can can, if no can prepare till can....and be practicle as well as visionary..

Its a process....

And there is an accumalitive force for beyond that says its time to adress an issue when that force peaks, like the civil rights movement my mom was in, or occupying kaho'olawe like my aunty was in.

There is an ebb an flow beyond human influence and then the humans who tune in to it an pave the way to prepare a path for a broader collective feeling the call. Reading in to these ebb and flow and how to catch the wave and how to cultivate it or positioning the masses to be able to catch it, that is the work of visionaries who wrestle these issues...

Only time will tell.....

But maika'i for speaking your mind rev. you've inspired beautifull responses from our kanaka.....

contrast can be good in the right environment.
kalamai... accumalitive force from beyond (our tangible rational percetion)
its just amazing that someone who is from the outside can ask such a question.
pearl harbor was the main target because of its strategic position,one of the best places in the pacific to have as a place to set as the strongest strategic position,AMERICA knew that and moved there first,thats why japan attacked pearl harbor,not hawaii itself,
its sad that civilians got caught in this action,but due to ignorance or misinformation,the planes that got thru to pearl was seen on radar and not really thought of as an attack force,after the surrender of japan,and the dropping of "BIG BOY & LITTLE BOY",the two nuclear bombs that was dropped on japan,with more civilian casualties than was necessary,america along with hawaii was opened to them as a part of the healing proccess.

the 442 "go for broke"infantry battalion was comprised mostly of men of japanese ancestry,they loved hawaii,and most of them were born here,but thier families were put into prison camps and treated like animals,but yet were the most decorated soldiers of this war,against their own family from thier home land.

and as far as SEEING hawaiians,all you have to do is open your eyes,not just look,the hawaiian people have been looked down upon for so long that they have disappeared to the casual glance,and waikiki is the last place you will find any,

and as for selling out,well the white man introduced what is called TAXES,and MONEY,something that was unknown to the hawaiian people,and because of that,were forced to give up or sell,or was robbed by the people that understood the ways of the white man,and this holds ture till today,many of the families that still hold land is on the verge of being trapped in the same situation.

so my question to you is;
what about the japanese people who came here to work and get away from the rulers that they had,and to start a new life for thier families,were they part of the problem or just casualties of war?


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