Ke Ao Maoli

Our Families and Cousin Mike Lee, Kamehameha Descendants Document Claims To Our Tutu AND Honouliuli Ahupuaa --- WE ARE THE LAND OWNERS!, etc.



Mike Lee's and our ancestor's fought alongside each other a hundred years ago.............and now our families are together again..........


He has had problems with the Oahu Burial Council over time...............


I too have submitted claims for the Honouliuli lands thru our tutu Akahi (w) who was the last wife of Kalanimoku.


Keopuolani (w) was also married to Kalanimoku (k) after Kamehameha died.


Keopuolani (w) was the mother of Kamehameha II - Liholiho; Kamehameha III - Kauikeouli; Nahienaena (w) and six unnamed others.


Keopuolani (w) also married Hoapili (k) who was married to Kaheiheimalie/Hoapiliwahine (w).


Kaheiheimalie/Hoapiliwahine (w) was married to Kalaimamahu (k) and his brother Kamehameha.


Now, documented as the last wife of Kalanimoku (k) was Akahi (w) my tutu.


Kalanimoku (k) hanai/adopted daughter was Kekauonohi (w) who was a konohiki of Honouliuli.


Kalanimoku (k) heir was Kekauonohi (w) and his brother Hio/Hioloa (k).


Akahi (w) married Kikau (w) my tutu who had son Nahuina (k) who became the brother of Kauikeouli/Kamehameha III; Alexander Liholiho/Kamehameha II; Nahienaena (w); Kekauonohi (w); Kaoleioku (k); et. als.


Akahi (w) married Kahope (k) who was the konohiki of Honouliuli.


Their hanai/adopted son was Kaluakini (k); a son named Halemano (k).  These two (2) also became the siblings of Nahuina (k) who became the brother of Kauikeouli/Kamehameha III; Alexander Liholiho/Kamehameha II; Nahienaena (w); Kekauonohi (w); Kaoleioku (k); et. als.




Our families claims were recently hand carried to the Burial Program at Kapolei.


Funny how someone QUIT the burial council recently which leaves everything hanging because QUORUM is not there...........and there are some issues regarding the genealogist Analu Josephides.............compounded the fact that Mike Lee's issues remain unresolved, along with OUR families as well.........


Now, what of the land that the burials were found?


The lands belonged to Kaopala, brothers:  Kahananui (k) and Nika (k) whose mother was Nohunohu (w).


Now, Kahananui was married to OUR ancestor..............these are Ohana, along with Mike Lee!





If you noticed what I have posted about the genealogies, only then will you realize that WE ARE THE KAMEHAMEHA FAMILIES, the Crown Land Owners, etc.


Mahihelelima (k) my tutu had a younger sister named Kanekapolei (w) my tutu who married Kalaniopuu (k), my tutu, Kamehameha (k) my tutu, married Kuuku (k) my hanai tutu.


Mahihelelima (k) was the kahu of Kamehameha's wives Kaahumanu (w); Kaheiheimalie/ Hoapiliwahine (w); and Namahana/Piia (w) who married Kaumualii (k) my tutus; Kaumualii (k) being the son of Kaeokulani (k) who was the brother of Kahekili (k) another tutu and claimed father of Kamehameha, etc.


Our family has already been verified as descendants of Nuuanu (k) konohiki of Kapalama with Kauikeouli/Kamehameha III.


Another konohiki of Kapalama was John Kapena (k) another tutu.


Together, Mike Lee and OUR FAMILY continue to maintain claims and interests in HONOULIULI..........


How can you help? 


By Supporting the Kamehameha's Families...........including King Lunalilo's Families......... King Kalakaua's and Queen Liliuokalani's Families ..........who are mostly the SAME Families documented, which is why there appears to be some problematic issues because the bloodlines EXISTS.............


So.....................OUR FAMILY supports Mike Lee and continues to bring out the genealogies, truth, claims, etc. which includes perpetuity deed/inures to the descendants/heirs, applying HRS172.11, which Abercrombie et. als. are trying to extinguish thru S.B. 1520 and the Akaka Bill.


Remember too that the Hawaiian government is made up of the Sovereign, the PERMANENT members of the House of Nobles, descendants/heirs, and the NON-Permanent ELECTED group made up of subjects/citizens putting the House of Representatives together.........Pirates not welcomed.




Amelia Gora

Descendant, Royal person, Royal Families House of Nobles, one of the Representatives of the Hawaiian Genealogical Society, Ko Hawaii Pae Aina/Kingdom of Hawaii/Hawaiian Kingdom/ Hawaiian Islands/Hawaiian archipelago


Ko Hawaii Pae Aina/Kingdom of Hawaii Records No. 2011 - 3010

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Agency inaction puts possible royal Hawaiian burial complex at risk to Haseko development

Sep 22, 2010 - 09:17 AM

By Samson Kaala Reiny

Agency inaction puts possible royal Hawaiian burial complex at risk to Haseko development
Above: Ewa Beach's Oneula coastline that fronts Haseko's pending marina. Below: An example of a large pohaku, or stone, that once stood where the marina is now located. Bottom: The niho palaoa found with the royal remains in 2001.  

EWA—The site of what may be the most significant ancient Hawaiian burial complex discovered in recent times happens to be situated along a roughly mile-long stretch of shoreline where luxury resort developer Haseko plans to open up its marina to the ocean. 

On April 14, Ewa resident Michael Lee testified before the Oahu Island Burial Council (OIBC) that the remains of seven alii, or chiefs, are buried in sinkholes along the Ewa coast, specifically in the areas stretching from east of Oneula Beach Park to past the pending marina, which is located just before Barber’s Point Naval Air Station. 

Of the prominent chiefs mentioned, one was the last independent king of both Maui and Oahu who ruled in the late 1700’s before Kamehameha the Great usurped those islands.

In response to Lee’s testimony, the OIBC unanimously voted in favor of urging the State Historic Preservation Division (SHPD) to recognize the entire area as a wahi kapu, or a sacred site, with this particular one serving as both a burial and religious complex. 

But since that vote over five months ago, little has been done by the SHPD to pursue further verification and, if warranted, provide protection for the complex. The agency is largely responsible for advocating whether a cultural site should be placed on either or both the State and National Registers of Historic Places.

In an email response, SHPD administrator Pua Aiu stated that the division still needs to clarify with Lee the exact location of the alleged sites before any action is taken. She noted that the tax map key Lee used is outdated, so those sites need to be marked on a current map. 

Lee said he has called the SHPD, and staff gave him that very same response. But there was no follow-up. “This is something that could have taken less than thirty minutes to do,” Lee said.

The underlying reason for the agency’s delay, according to Lee, is that it’s sympathetic to the developer, who stands to lose time and money by having to work around these burials. “Haseko brings in $45 million in tax revenue for the State,” Lee said. “You’re not going to bite the hand that feeds you.”

Defending the agency, Aiu replied that the SHPD does not take a position on development: Its role is to assess the effects of projects on known historic sites and find ways to avoid, minimize, or mitigate those effects. In any case, she noted that much of the work, including the dredging of the marina, was approved many years before she took the position.

But Lee retorted that the marina’s impending breach is currently under the SHPD’s purview. And because the agency has not told Haseko to wait until these claims are addressed, he is pressed to take legal action.

“If they [SHPD] do nothing and Haseko begins opening up the marina, or if they deny my claim, I will have to litigate,” Lee said. “They’re supposed to be protecting our cultural sites, and they’re not doing their job.”

Meanwhile, Haseko disagrees with Lee’s claim, stating it has made “every effort to preserve and protect important cultural sites and archaeological features on its property.” The company notes that more than two decades of archaeological fieldwork and cultural research went into the creation of its plans, and none of the kupuna, archaeologists, or the cultural historian who worked with them found any evidence to support the existence of a burial complex.

The Hoakalei Cultural Foundation, the Haseko-funded non-profit that, according to its website, was established in 2006 to “ensure good stewardship of the land and heritage of the Ewa Plain,” also disagrees with Lee. Like Haseko, they reaffirm the strength of the research completed for the contested area. Some of their remarks are pointed, stating that the foundation “is frustrated that Mr. Lee demonstrates little respect for the moolelo of our kupuna and ohana, who have been raised and lived for generations in the Puuloa-Honouliuli ahupuaa.” The kupuna of note are “Aunties” Arline Eaton and Mary Serrao, women with longstanding roots in the Ewa area who happen to be the president and vice-president of the foundation’s board, respectively.

Furthermore, Alicia Maluafiti, the foundation’s treasurer, testified at a recent Board of Natural Resources (BLNR) meeting that Lee verified the locations of the bones “through his visions.”

In response, Lee said that he provided a mountain of western documentation as evidence to the OIBC in April, including citations from the works of Samuel Kamakau, Abraham Fornander, and King Kalakaua. He also brought marriage certificates, wills, and deeds to support his claim as a lineal descendant from these alii, which the OIBC also voted to approve in executive session. 

And Lee vehemently defends his methods as a cultural practitioner. 

“It’s ironic that Hoakalei claims to be representing Hawaiian culture when they’re not aware of what a hihio is, which is a vision or a dream,” Lee said before suggesting they should read Mary Kawena Pukui’s famed works on Hawaiian cosmology. “They need to go back to Nana I Ke Kumu one, two, and three.”

Lee also noted that, during a visit where he and Office of Hawaiian Affairs (OHA) staff marked the exact locations of the sites with a Global Positioning System (GPS), others there that day agreed with his claims. Among them were Darren Panoke, whose great grandmother revealed to him in the 1960’s the locations of sacred sites, and a Hawaiian National, whose names escape Lee, who had a map that was etched out during the time of the kingdom. 

But above all else, Lee says that an inadvertent discovery made in 2001 challenges his opponents’ legitimacy. It was then, after a raging storm, that a “homeless” man found a skull jutting out from a sinkhole in front of the planned marina. The iwi, or bones, were undoubtedly those belonging to a high-ranking chiefess because she was holding a niho palaoa, or royal whalebone hook, in each hand. Previously, Haseko had stated that many sinkholes were tested but no burials were found.

Also, The Hawaii Independent discovered that human remains were found in 1994 on the James Campbell Estate near Kapolei. A piece of heavy machinery fell into a sinkhole, exposing bones and a plank from a traditional canoe.

Ironically, Vicki Gaynor, at one time a vice president for Haseko, used the company’s supposed due diligence in checking for burials to refute concerned members of the community—among them the Reverend Kaleo Patterson, who had noted that bones were once found at the Naval Air Station nearby.

In an April 3, 1998 letter to various groups, Gaynor went so far as to state that Patterson’s “lack of knowledge” regarding this issue is an example of “how some of the statements made about our project sound logical on the surface, but don’t hold up when all the facts are shown.”

Patterson’s spat with Haseko is indicative of the charged climate of 1998, when the firm was to begin dredging the land for the future 120-acre marina. The reverend, along with other prominent members of the community, challenged a company-hired archaeologist’s designation of the majority of recorded sites as temporary habitations.

“He [Rosendahl] really minimized the number of important sites,” said photographer and educator Jan Becket. “He claimed there were no ahu [shrines] in existence, even though areas were littered with these large upright stones.”

According to Becket, there were over 400 sites, and Haseko preserved a total of six, which are “conveniently located in the corner out of the marina’s way.”

Sparky Rodrigues, a longtime community activist, said he wasn’t surprised by Rosendahl’s report. “Sometimes you’re paid to be blind,” Rodrigues said.

Hinaleimoana Kalu, the vice president of the OIBC, believes that it’s not just private business. The State tacitly encourages development over preserving cultural and religious sites, she said. Kalu was not present to vote on the burials in April.

“The timeliness of where they [SHPD] are with this issue is indicative,” Kalu said. “It’s not a coincidence that the State allots so few staff to juggle all these responsibilities.”

One way or another, Lee said he’s going to force the SHPD to do its job of verifying his claim and protecting those sites. Haseko and the Hoakalei Foundation have accused him of being uncooperative by not sharing with them the exact locations of the burials. But Lee said he doesn’t trust SHPD or Haseko archaeologists with researching his claims at this point—he prefers that OHA fund an independent team to do the work. 

To make a point, Lee recalls that at a community stakeholders event in July, he publicly announced the general stretch of coastline that contained the sites. “Not two weeks later,” Lee said, “they were drilling and digging around the area. Not two weeks later.” 

As Lee continues his fight to recognize and protect these alleged sites, he’s also filed a contested case with the Board of Land and Natural Resources (BLNR) over Haseko’s plan to reduce the size of its marina from 70 to 53 acres. He believes that another Environmental Impact Statement [EIS] should be completed to ensure, firstly, that a smaller marina’s waters will not become anoxic, or deprived of oxygen, and therefore pose a threat to nearby marine life. 

Defending its commitment to water quality in and around the marina, Haseko claims that numerous supplemental studies have been done to consider the effects of a reduction in size. Results show that there would be no adverse effect on water in the area.

Another stipulation of the EIS, according to Lee, would be testing to determine whether or not the company, during its dredging, broke into an underwater channel that flows into the ocean. He says a U.S. Geological Survey map from 1927 to 1930 clearly points out the waterhole, which happens to be in the location of the marina. Lee asserts that this is the real reason why Haseko wants to shrink the marina and transform that particular area into untouchable conservation land–in order to cover up the channel breach.

“They didn’t do their homework,” Lee said.

Haseko did not respond to the allegation.



Important Note: 


The lands that Haseko claims and builds on has owners...........Rents and Leases are due and owed...........and Haseko needs to sue the Campbell Estates for lands that they sold without clear titles.


The konohiki lands - Kahope (k) and Kekauonohi (w) has families/owners and NOT the conspiring, treasonous persons named the Campbells, the Kawananakoa's, et. als.


The kuleana lands are also lands which "inures" to the benefits of the descendants/heirs.


The Problematic issues are that the entity State of Hawaii is based on premeditation and documented along with the U.S. President, et. als.


Haseko:  We have the documentation, Cease and Desist from touching our ancestral burials.


More claims will be submitted shortly.


Ko Hawaii Pae Aina /Kingdom of Hawaii Records No. 2011-3040 from Amelia Gora, a Royal person, Royal Families House of Nobles, One of the Representatives of the Hawaiian Genealogical Society



Learn the Truth, Learn your History, the untainted, unbiased, Hidden History.




p.s.  we maintain a neutral, friendly, non-violent Nation......Ko Hawaii Pae Aina/Hawaiian Kingdom/Kingdom of Hawaii/Hawaiian Islands/Hawaiian archipelago








I have kept this under wraps for a couple of weeks, here it is:


Subject: IMPORTANT INFO -----and Queens birthday 9-2-2011 It's importance to our Hawaiian Kingdom sovereignty movement

Hi Cousin,

haven't told you about what's happening ..........The sheriff's department for the Attorney General's office has served some of our family members documents to go to court..... they are looking to expunge liens that we placed on the Crown Lands about two (2) months before the Supreme Court case........the State failed to introduce the information that bloodlines did lien, properly serve the Dept of Land and Natural Resources, Sheriff's department, etc.

they served it to a number of our cousins and couldn't serve it to me because i told them that it was not my was all caps....they found me at the Bureau of Conveyances....they tried to get me to sign a refusal....told them am not refusing, it just was not me..........they tried to get me to write down the court date but i told them i wouldn't be there...he said why?...told him because that's not me............he asked me if i knew where the others lived......told him no.........looked at the documents again and told them that the names may seem to be my cousins but i know for a fact that that's not them..... told him to correct my name and make it properly Capital then small letters......not all Caps because I'm a living human being............he said "your cousins took the docs"  said "that's them..............".and i then looked at the docs. and told the sheriffs.........".i know that's not them too"'s all in caps and they are living human beings.........

maybe if all the descendants, heirs comes forward, we would be able to counter this important issue.

our family had a project which took two (2) years.........the mahele maps were purchased off the internet for $10,000 - $15,000 and a UH student- was employed in logging all the tmk's on every island.....then it was turned into a lien with about 12 of us who went to bank to notarize our signatures and filed on the same day which occurred BEFORE the Supreme Court case.......

now for a 6 acre claim, by the Mendoza's? the Attorney general is looking to purge this IMPORTANT lien..........



there's more but this is all I'm leaving for now..............




Remember that I posted an article about what is the Hawaiian government?


There are 3 parts:


1.  Sovereign - Kamehameha did start the Monarchy government in 1810...Permanent Part.  Kamehameha's descendants existed then and exist now.


2.  House of Nobles - Permanent Part.  Descendants existed then and exist now.


3.  House of Representatives - Elected Part.


Note:  It was this group in part who did in a concerted manner commit treason against the Queen.

Queen Liliuokalani did say that they were NOT the Hawaiian government but an entity.


These are the PIRATES OF THE PACIFIC currently headed by Leprechaun/LepreCON Abercrombie with supporting twin CONklin, et. als.




questions? or or contact Dexter Kaiama

note:  we did approach/ask many to help film the issues...................and many have failed to respond.  hmmm.......

Update:  IMPORTANT READ - Out of Queen Liliuokalani's thread (read the entire thread at


Everyone -


The Halawa Ahupuaa is targetted for the Rail System to run through from Honouliuli and end in town........for your information, there are some problematic issues resulting from the SHPD - State of Hawaii Preservation Department having a hold up...........reasons being that

Cyprus National? married to a kanaka maoli was recently fired? His name being Analu/Andrew Kameeiamoku Josephides/ Analu Josephides ------google him and what the Josephides family has been up to, about International intrigue.....


Now, this Cyprus National learned Hawaiian language, started up the Reverend Joel Hulu Mahoe Research Center, got thousands of dollars of free monies, then worked for Alu Like, worked with the Burial Council - Oahu, then went to work as a GENEALOGIST for SHPD on the Big Island.


Everyone - check the facts of those coming out of Cyprus because word is he's back there after being fired.


Complaints have been made about him.........what better way to criminally infiltrate a system and deny/defraud heirs/descendants of their rights, their inheritances, lands......and for what purposes?.......


The Rail System, a faulty project which is being countered by our families claims recently submitted showing we are the konohiki descendants of Kahope (k); Kekauonohi (w) her hanai /adopted daughter Abigail Maheha (w) - one of those attending the Royal Schools....etc.........that's for Honouliuli............


Then you have the Halawa Ahupuaa ----which has OWNERS who ARE NOT THE KAMEHAMEHA SCHOOLS BISHOP ESTATES Trustees, but the John Young's descendants/heirs who were the hanai children of Kauikeouli/Kamehameha III; then the Rail moves into Kapalama Ahupuaa with konohiki's Kauikeouli/Kamehameha III; Nuuanu (k) - our ancestor - already documented years ago by SHPD genealogist in the past; and John Kapena (k) - our ancestor in multiples of lines.


Funny how the entity State of Hawaii is left with the true bloodlines claims and opt to accommodate the Rail!


Racketeering, Criminal conversions, FRAUD, DECEIT, INTERNATIONAL INTRIGUE, BANKERS, MAFIA, everything under the sun.....


Do your homework people..........because RACKETEERING, PIRACY(IES) continue in our contaminated environment----


Keeping you Up-to-date on WHAT IS IS! and............


Due to the Premeditation of assuming an already owned Pearl Harbor, the U.S. remain occupiers who have criminally PLUNDERED UPON INNOCENTS OVER TIME from Hawaii thru the Middle East.....documented.


And another thing, we are the heirs of King David Kalakaua and Queen Liliuokalani through genealogies and documented, researched evidence....and the Trustees of the Kamehameha Schools/Bernice Pauahi Bishop Trusts and other Trusts are NOT RELATED TO US.


Lastly, we descend from some of the Permanent members of the House of Nobles.






Find more Hawaiian Nation songs at Myspace Music




Find more Hawaiian Nation songs at Myspace Music


P.S.  Support us Hawaiians or those against the Rail, there's a meeting this Thursday at Alii Place/Rail Office at 10:00 A.M.  You're invited!





The Sheriff (who did not state his name, etc.) and a companion approached me at the Archives, brought Court documents and said 'I leave it here' and placed it on the research changes made, Capital letters used, which means "dead persons".


So, it was left there, untouched, and I have a witness to the fact.




p.s. something about a September 20, 2011 court date, at the Land Court if you're interested in the CROWN LANDS in which Shane Lee's TMK Project was made, etc.


Note to everyone..........this lien and many other liens regarding the Crown Lands were made prior to the Supreme Court case (recent one) in which the Judge moved to perpetuate the crimes of the past disregarding the following:


* proper filings made including service to the entity State - DLNR/Department of Land and Natural Resources; Governor thru Attorney General's office, Sheriff's Department, etc.


* numbers of served, stamped correspondence from myself a Representative of our families/Royal Families, etc.


* Alex Luka's citation that under paragraph 29 of the Public Law 103-150, the Federal Government never got title - the "ceded lands" redubbed after the Crown Lands 'under questionnable authority regarding the custodian has right to sell off ---Bennett' and 'what State law gives authority?'  Also see Organic Act, Section 4.


* Premeditation article in which Congress gives a 'standing order' to take Pearl Harbor, dated January 8, 1893 and printed in the NEW YORK TIMES, January 9, 1893 or 8 days before the criminal dethronement of Queen Liliuokalani.......found by researcher Shane Lee.


* True documents of Queen Liliuokalani in 1897 - Opposition to Annexation found by Kiliwehi Kekumano aka's at the National Archives and certified from the following address: 

National Archives at College Park, 8601 Adelphi Road, College Park


which is the true and correct opposition vs. the Fraud, Deceit document currently at:


the Archives, Honolulu, Hawaii, a Fraud document which states:


"copy from original on file in Bishop's Museum"  "on this day for Librarian archives of Hawaii May 31, 1929"


note:  the true documents includes the true ownership of the Crown Lands and oppositions to the Annexation Treaty, etc.


* Queen Liliuokalani, her Alii, subjects of the Hawaiian Kingdom were under duress, stress, usurpation, and coercion because the U.S. armed military complete with gatling guns, rifles left the BOSTON on January 15, 1893.


* Secret Treaty of Verona 1822 shows Austria, France, Prussia, Russia, United States, England and the Vatican agreed to break down Monarchy governments and move towards a New World Order/One World Order.


* Treaties pertain to the King's heirs and successors.


*  Habeas corpus case of Sheldon, newspaper editor of the HOLOMUA

after the dethronement of Queen Liliuokalani was made because he 'printed the near accurate story of the overthrow'. 


The discussion of changing the temporary status Provisional government to a Republic is also documented in this case.


*Royal persons are not subject to the laws "  Reference:  Victoria Kamamalu's Probate.


* California Law Review


* Washington Law Review


* Annexation illegal  Ref:  Prof. Williamson Jefferson Chang's presentation in the Palmyra Island Case


*Opposition to Statehood by Harold Abel Cathcart filed in answer to the U.S. President Eisenhower's legal notice and documented with Judge Samuel King, and other cases.  "Because opposition was documented, Sovereignty Shall Be," documented Paralegal instructor Randal Lee, Chaminade University of Honolulu campus.


* U.S. Supreme Court advisory re:  U.S. President's (and Cabinet), Congressmen's duties and limitations.


* Hawaiian Data to Send Away article from the Pacific Commercial Advertiser, found in Brother Dutton's files at the Archives, Honolulu, Hawaii listing important documents sent out of the Hawaiian Islands - Genocide


* Assigned a Genocide Activities File 98-273435 AF-CF from the Honolulu Police Department and have been filing names since assigned.


* Supreme Court Chief Justice Ronald T. Y. Moon Letter, signed by James L. Branham in regards to "Complaints about criminal activity should be made to the police and prosecutors."


* etc.


Keeping everyone Up-to-Date with What Is Is.



Note:  This is evidence of Genocide...........for these articles, pamphlets, files have been criminally removed from our Kingdom of Hawaii records.


This article was saved in Brother Dutton's files.


Although documents after 1893 are also recorded here, for our purposes the 1893 and earlier must be returned.




General Superintendent of Census, 1890


President.  Bureau of Immigration.  1884; 1886; 1888; 1890.


Postmaster General 1882


Minister of Foreign Affairs, 1845; 1850; 1852; 1854.


Secretary of War and the Navy, 1854.


Secretary of War, 1862.


Major Commanding the King's Guard and Volunteer Forces, 1884.


Attorney General, 1845; 1882; 1884; 1886; 1887; 1890


Chief Justice 1854; 1855; 1856


Minister of Public Instruction, 1854


President Board of Education 1862; 1870


Minister of Finance 1856; 1858


Board of Health 1888


Minister of Interior 1845; 1858; 1868


Note:  The highlighted entries surround government, military activities prior to and post the American Civil War 1863-1865. 


The other entries can basically be read easily.




Notice that the "Rules for conducting business in the House of Nobles 1854; "Act for the Government of Masters and Servants; Act upon the Subject of Diplomatic Privileges and Exemptions; Foreign Office Notice re Passports, 1850; Proclamation of Neutrality, 1854; "General Order No. 1.  Discipline of the Navy, 1887"; Official Report on Harbor Laws, 1845; King's Speeches, 1845-54, 1854-61;  Reports on the King's Personal Accounts, 1853-4; Special Instructions to Hawaiian Consular Officialsl, 1877; Standing Orders fort the King's Guard. 1884;  Statement of Applications for Government Lands, 1882-4;  A Brief Account of the Hawaiian Govt. Survey, Alexander, 1889.; Receipts and Expenditures of the Hawaiian Treasury, Apl. 1, 1888 to Apl. 1, 1889. and many other important documents are listed...........


Note to students:  There's so much information to research and so much of dissertations that can come out of these documents alone.........


Note to defenders of Ko Hawaii Pae Aina/Kingdom of Hawaii aka's:  The above remains evidence for all, along with the numbers of posts here on at and by googling my name on the web, etc.




eyes 068


Find more artists like Hawaiian Nation at Myspace Music


Queen Liliuokalani prophesied and stated the following:


“Oh, honest Americans, as Christians hear me for my downtrodden people! Their form
of Government is as dear to them as yours is Precious to you. Quite as warmly s you love
your country, so they love theirs. With all your Goodly possessions, covering a
territory so immense that there yet remain parts unexplored, possessing islands that,
although new at hand, had to be neutral ground in time of war, do not covet the little
vineyard of Naboth’s, so far from your shores, lest the Punishment of Ahab fall upon you,
if not in Your day, in that of your children, for “be not deceived, God is not
mocked.” The people to whom your fathers told of the living God, and taught to call
“Father”, and whom the sons now seek to despoil and destroy, are crying aloud
to Him in the time of trouble, and He will keep His promise, and will listen to the
Voices of His Hawaiian children lamenting for their homes.”

Kaulana Na Pua

Hidden behind a deceptively light tune, this protest song tells of the ardent opposition of Native Hawaiians to the annexation of their nation to ...



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