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Kaohi: "Hale o na alii o Hawaii - Halau O Wahiikaahuula Ahahui Poo 1918-1958" Membership Roster part 2

Fujishiro, Peter

Fung, Mollie Apana

Gallardo, Mary

Galvan, Rose K.

Galaza, Mildred

Garner, Alice K.

Giugni, Betsey Amoe

Given, Charlotte

Glover, Waiola

Godfrey, Alice K.

Gomard, Abigail

Gora, Elizabeth

Gouveia, Mary

Grace, Rose Akeo

Green, Rose Farm

Grote, Annie

Guerrero, Amelia

Guerrero, Elizabeth

Guerrero, Magdalena

Hakanson, Mary

Hakuole, Florence

Hamili, Fannie

Hanamaikai, Thelma

Harrison, Anna

Harrison, Violet

Hausten, Emma

Helela, Mary

Hew Len, Pearl

Hew Len, George

Hewlett, Margaret

Hiapo, Mary Poepoe

Hinch, Ann T.

Hiniker, Madeline

Hiu, Virginia

Ho, Alice Woodward

Ho, Esther K.

Hoes, Margaret K.

Hoke, Abigail

Holokai, Janet A.

Holokai, Clarence

Holu, Charles

Holu, Emily

Houghtailing, Maile

Huffman, Marie

Hussey, Mary Ann

Hussey, Thomas

Ilalaole, Joseph K.

Irvine, Annie

Iseke, Mae

Itamura, Leilani

Jesse, Alexander

Jesse, Eleanor Moana

Johnson, Mary Ohia

Johnson, Vinora

Johnstone, Alice

Jones, Julia

Jones Malulani

Jones, Minnie

Jones, Valentine

Josiah, Katherine

Josiah, Peter

Judd, Raymond M. Sr.

Joy, Rose

Joy, Esther

Kaae, Agues

Kaaekuahiwi, Andrew

Kaaekuahiwi, Lillian

Kaahanui, Charles

Kaahanui, Harriet

Kaakanui, Rose M.

Kaaialii, Peter

Kaaikiola, Mabel

Kaaikiola, William

Kaaloa, Maile A.

Kaanapu, John Sr.

Kaapa, Elizabeth

Kahaku, Victoria

Kahaulelio, Edith

Kahale, Helen A.

Kahaleoumi, Kathryn

Kahele, Louise

Kahilihiwa, Hannah

Kahoe, Agnes

Kahoiwai, Albert

Kahoiwai, Beatrice

Kahoonei, Louis

Kahuanui, Rebecca

Kai, Rachel

Kaili, Esther Aina

Kaili, Joseph

Kailio, Emelia

Kaina, Helen l.

Kaipo, Marion K.

Kaiu, Isaac W.

Kaiwi, Cecelia

Kakalia, Deborah

Kala, Moses

Kalakau, Libbie

Kalaluhi, Agnes K.

Kalauokaaea, Ambrose

Kalauokalani, Rose

Kaleikoa, Charles

Kaleikoa, Elizabeth

Kaleikoa, Mary K.

Kalepa, Louise

Kalihi, Madeline

Kaloa, Beatrice

Kaloa, Daniel K.

Kaloa, Valentine

Kaloi, Hazel Hannah

Kam, Elizabeth K.

Kamai, Ruth

Kamaka, Frederick

Kamaka, Samuel

Kamealoha, Hattie

Kanae, Agnes

Kanae, Dora

Kanae, Wilhelmina

Kanaha, Charles

Kanalulu, Agusta

Kanalulu, Joseph

Kane, Cecelia K.

Kaneapua, Kenneth

Kanoho, Marie

Kaopukii, Victoria

Kaopuiki, Miriam

Kaowili, Mary K.

Kapiioho, John

Kapu, Junaita

Kapu, Cecelia

Kapuni, Helen

Kapulani, Virginia

Kau, Annie A.

Kau, Elizabeth

Kau, Leimomi

Kauahi, Arthur

Kauahi, Elaine

Kauaihilo, Harriet

Kauhane, Minnie

Kauka, Henry

Kauka, Mollie

Kauleinamoku, John

Kaulia, Sarah

Kawailima, Sarah

Kawewehi, Lewis

Kealanahele, Marguerite

Kealoha, Earle

Kealoha, Eloise

Kealoha, Joseph G.

Keanini, Birdie

Keawe, Adele Kamai

Keawe, Gladys

Keawe, Henry

Keawe, Pearl K.

Kekahio, Carrie

Kekahio, Elizabeth

Kekahuna, Clara

Kekoa, Emma

Kekuewa, Elsie K.

Kekuewa, Leialoha

Kekumu, Emmaline

Keliiaa, Elizabeth

Keliiaa, Elizabeth

Keliihoomalu, Louise

Keliihoomalu, William

Keliinoi, Maria

Keohohou, Annie

Keola, Mildred

Keoua, Agnes P.

Kepilino, Lily

Kerr, Hattie

Kia, HelenK.




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My greatest fear in this posting is inaccuracies..please let me know I can change it!


I have family memebers on these list as well as many experiences with family members on this list.  Why? Because I grew up on DHHL or in the poor housing projects.  Secondly, I am out there among the houseless and have interactions with many that have relatives on this listing.  So, I am not without touchy feelings, and oral traditional voices from this listing.  Each person has a voice to be heard and one should start documenting their 'stories' in addition one should visit there grave site and see if it is being cared for.  Margaret Apo, my tutu Malia is buried next to my stepfather....something like that!  Then when one is done doing this --develop a web for the children of today for these background information should give them the will to live in Hawaii!


Trust me, in classrooms and by the DOE Sustainable Plan--one of five questions--"Will the children of today be living in Hawaii tomorrow?"  So we teach a world connection curriculum, I teach space (Mars, Venus, Pacific Ocean etc..) as in science and math.  But, the missing link here is the will to live in your ancestors home!  That should come from us and our voices.


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