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This woman is my great great grandmother. She was Archibald Cleghorn's first wife who gave him all the half sisters of Princess Kaiulani. I do not know her maiden name and the only true hawaiian name we got was Kahalaunani. She had children with a few other folks of the day. Her fathers name was Koma(Thomas) and they were originally from the Big Island. I am hoping to get anything out there especially where she is buried if known. It is confusing cause you will find this woman listed with many different names. I would just assume that someone with this high visibility connection should be easier to track but has not been the case. One of her daughters accompanied Kaiulani to England to attend school. Other high level folks of the time that she is associated with are Green, Barrass, and Larush. Thanks for any clues.

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Rose is my great-great grandmother, half-sister to Ka'iulani and daughter to Archibald and Lapeka. Her mother has remained a mystery to my family as well. If I can find out any information I will let you know.
I got some a similar type of reply from Manu Boyd. This woman has been very difficult to pin down.
Aloha Hapuna,

I was reading some papers given to me by my mother regarding Lepeka. Her mother was Uilani and her father was Eliab Grimes. Her given name was Elizabeth Kahalaikulani Grimes. She lived with John R. Barras and had a daughter Grace Barras. In 1854 she has a daughter with W.L. Green named Elizabeth Kaili, called Lizzy, and later an infant son. Both children were adopted by Green which makes me think they were not married. Lepeka would than have a relationship with Archibald Cleghorn and produce 3 daughters: Rose Kaipuala (my great-great grandmother), Helen and Annie. Cleghorn would go on to adopt all 3 daughters. In 1870 Lepeka marries Charles Larrisch (spelling?) the same year Cleghorn marries Likelike. No children that we know of from this marriage. Charles Larrisch dies in 1885 and Lepeka in 1889. She dies at the home of her daughter Rose and husband James Robertson. The Robertson plot is at Oahu Cemetery, where Rose is buried. I do not know if Lepeka is there as well but I can find out. There is a note saying that "she was buried from home of J. Robertson". I don't know if that means she was buried at the residence.
This is very good and consistent with much I have found out. There is only one thing I think still needs to be checked. My understanding is that Lepeka is pure Hawaiian and from the Big Island and her father was named Koma. I was told she was adopted by Grimes. Also there is another association that you missed with Freeth. When reading about George Freeth it mentions that Lepeka was royalty. As usual very cryptic with no follow on. George apparently went to S. California and became the 1st lifeguard and a surfer/waterman. There is a statue of him there somewhere. So I am still searching for her Hawaiian surname and am still very interested in her burial place in the hopes that more info can be gleaned from that. Thanks for your efforts
I was talking to my mom last night and she said Lepeka is buried in the Grimes plot at Oahu Cemetery w/ her Father. No mention of where her mother Uilani is buried. I am not surprised about the relationship with Freeth altho I have no information about that. It would make sense that she is royalty as the haole men that she had relationships with appear to seek out liasons with alii, possibly for land title. I will continue to search for more clues and keep you posted. Which Cleghorn sister are you related to?

Aloha kaua,
Oooops sorry I'm not related to the Cleghorns. My side came from the Greens. It was his son of the same name William Lothian Green. Buried also in Oahu Cemetery. My mother was named Uilani and my grandmother Elizabeth Lepeka. I have a pic of Kahalaunani if you are interested. It was in my grandmothers house in Palolo but I think it actually belonged to her mother. I used the Cleghorn surname cause I thought more folks would reply to it and they were actually married in some way(common law I think).
I went to UHM with a Robert Green, any relation? I took some classes w/ him when I was going for my Hawaiian Studies degree about 4 years ago. At the time he was trying to track down his genealogy and was frustrated by a lack of information. Anyways, would love to see a picture of Kahalaunani. My spelling on the the name is different. The information I have says "Kahalaikulani". That I believe was Lepeka's Hawaiian name. Anyway, it's a process that takes time and the information will come our way when we are meant to have it.
Mililaulani, when I go through my tree the Green name disappears in my lineage at the 2nd generation and goes to Stern. Most of my relatives are Sterns as was my mother. There was a brother to my grandmother but again they said he was adopted. He may have carried the Green name but I don't have that information. I will take another look at the family tree I have.
I also wanted to add the Freeth name came later in my tree so its not pertinent to our discussion. Just got confused for a second.
Not sure how I ended up on this site, but I am a great-grandson of Helen Manu'aileha Cleghorn and James Harbottle 'A'alapuna Boyd. As I know it, Helen's mother was Lepeka Kahalaunani, daughter of U'ilani and Koma Kahalaunani. Her home was located at the present site of the Pacific Club on Queen Emma St . Interesting that Ka'iulani was born in that house. I think she and Likelike were friends or possibly related. Annie Cleghorn was a namesake of Pauahi and is named in her will. I thought Roses middle name was Kalikohou, but Kaipuala is also a very recognizable name. Kalikohou was also a name of Likelike's. Interesting, no??

The only picture of Lepeka I've seen is in the Roberson family file in the Bishop Museum archives. She looks Hawai'i piha to me. Don't know where the Grimes name comes from. Maybe hanai.

E ola na mamo a Haloa!

Manu Boyd
I have not looked at this line in a long time so my information may be a little old as far as names. I have Elizabeth Pauahi Lapeka who married Archibald Cleghorn, 3 daughters, Helen, Rose and Anne. Helen Mana'ialehua Cleghorn married James Alapuna Harbottle Boyd, I come from the Harbottle line. I need to get to work on this line again. Perhaps we can share info.
Thanks for that information. I knew I was related to the Boyds, but didn't know how. I am happy to share whatever I can. Aloha...


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