Ke Ao Maoli

nvs. To keep asking questions; inquisitive, curious, plying with frivolous questions (often used in pejorative sense, as of a busybody asking things that do not concern him); to quiz, pump; question. As an exclamation of annoyance: you are too inquisitive! Who cares to answer your questions! ho? Questioning, especially by leading up indirectly rather than directly; quizzing; curious; curiosity.

vs. Bold, impertinent, impudent, insolent, nervy, cheeky, rude, forward, presumptuous, saucy, brazen. Lit., sharp temple. See ex., ?ahua.

niele or mahaoi

I figure the United States of America is Maha'oi. They past the ni'ele stage. Cause they plain out rude. They do not give us of the Kingdom of Hawaii any kind respect.

In fact does OHA?

We just like the homeless down Kapiolanit park, they like hide us so the tourist no see.

Kingdom of Hawaii. True story. What happened when happen. The maha'oi try for change the story.

OHA say we know the story. They push themselves in front. So they go to the maha'oi with their version of the story. They say they tell the true story. They say trust us, we pono, we talk for the people. We get one list, see they when sign this list.

What this list for? Oh, it just one list, but here look we get one list.

But you know what OHA not supposed to go out there in front the mahao'i. Giving them our mana on one platter.

They supposed to come to us of the Kingdom of Hawaii. Supposed to take care us at home. But they not. They spend our money for ki'hele all over the place. Inferring that they REPRESENT.

Why? They not of the Kingdom of Hawaii . They of the State of Hawaii. The State of Hawaii is of the United States of America.

They get pay check from State of Hawaii who is part of the US of you think they going huki from the hand who feed them. Goodness they end up with retirement from the State, they going get free medical from the State and they never even take test or have any kind education for this State job. What a deal!

Hewa all around.

So I guess they feed the maha'oi and think they not doing anything wrong.

They make me shame.

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Office of Hawaiian Affairs..... i think maybe we go change um to Only Hewa Actions.... or maybe even the Occupierʻs Helpers Anonymous. Either one of those better then the Office of Hawaiian Affairs cuz its plain to see that on the very bottom of there list of priorities are the actual affairs of the Hawaiians. The most hewa thing about it is to think of how much good they could do with all that power (money) if only the people holding it was actually worth anything. If this was ahupuaʻa days, theyʻd be pau.... the village woulda stone um already.
Office of Hawaiian Affairs..... i think maybe we go change um to Only Hewa Actions.... or maybe even the Occupierʻs Helpers Anonymous.

Oh my this is prcieless.

Funny but not funny cause this true story.

Protest Poster material...................short and to the point !
or....."Ohhh HA! I neva know!" by then it is too late for any recovery.

I realize they OHA are trying their best to get people on land but they putting them in like SARDINES in the size lots they are given. That to me is genocide. Lot sizes should be the ability to grow food and raise meat/poultry on your land for survival to not only include the ability for expand at least 2 more rooms or enclosure but increase parking for families who
might also need a transition place to lay their head down with the family if they are in a destitute situation.

Add a park or pavillion for pa'ina have a neighborhood watch for security but also a cemetary for the area. Where we live we should be able to be buried there as well.
Great mana'o and I am biased.

That's not to say that everyone at OHA is like that though. Some really do care about other oiwi but yes the ones who have some power yet turn around and use this power to harm their own COUSINS through Wakea, Papa, and Haloa... they make me SHAME too.

What REALLY gets me is that they know that some of their cousins are STILL drowning:

"According to the U.S. Census 2000 data, there are approximately 401, 062 Native Hawaiians in Hawai'i and on the continent. In the State of Hawai'i alone, there are over 239, 655 Native Hawaiians, representing 60% of the total population of the Native Hawaiians in the United States.""

From page 2 of 20

In other words about 40% of us are HOMEless where "home" = "Hawai'i." Call it what you like but some people at OHA do NOT care about US.

Make me shame but hmmmm they the ones who should be shame!

Aloha~~~ Lana
Well, let's see what the census will be if numbers have increased or remain the same for certain areas. Waianae has many Hawaiian families and should show an increase in 2010. OHA and HAWAIIAN HOMES have not moved fast enough to provide solutions to housing crisis for Native Hawaiians.

Yes, shame that homeless continues to occur in the year that Linda Lindgle her bandits wants to celebrate the year of statehood. Kinda figa dat statehood does not exist as the illegal occupiers have admitted to the over throw of the Hawaiian monarchy and therefore the STATE OF HAWAII truly believe that the lands they think was ceded is FOR SALE. How can you sell real estate if you don't own it?

SEIZED LANDS! Oh, shame on the U.S. for their political involvement.
Yeah... I have noticed that oiwi wait what... 30+ years for a home while housing for the military takes less than a year. There is a ka ona in there somewhere and the people I worry about most are the keiki.

Fortunately I have seen a few people mention the statute of frauds which is a huge thing in the Haole world. Of course when they attack just to get land which does not belong to them they conveniently forget about the statute of frauds which they themselves created LOL

Then there is the local B.S. media playing its part in trying to dehumanize oiwi as though it is somehow "wrong" to fight for ones property rights. It is very clear to me that it is an all-assault at every possibly tangent war against the oiwi.

In Florida people's elemu are grass if and when they sell real property to which they do not hold title. Florida is really good about respecting property rights of individuals. The same cannot be said about the "state" of Hawai'i. IMHO they treat the native people extremely poorly as though we are less than human which is significantly different than in Washington (state,) Florida, and Oklahoma. In my experience they seem to have SOME respect for native people. In Hawai'i... nope! It epitomizes some of THE worse mistreatment of native people that I have personally experienced. This translates to the keiki and mo'opuna.

Coupled with verbal and written attacks on the oiwi by some people who do not understand title and how it works in relation to the Hawaiian Kingdom, it's DISGUSTING how they treat oiwi. I consider it a stain by the U.S. Shame shame shame. Making some oiwi wait for a home for 30+ years with land that some hold title and make it worse by advocating wood frame houses which attract termites and withholding that block stucco homes are much better and may last longer so the oiwi basically ends up paying for a mortgage on a house that won't last a long time. Chances are their keiki will have to take out another mortgage to have another home built. Some oiwi wait for a lifetime and die while waiting. Disgusting.

~ Lana


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