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Where does one find out what their aumakua is??

I was just wondering if anyone knows where I could find out what my aumakua is...
I'm very curious. Someone pleae help!!!

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Aloha e K*nan,

Are there any plants, animals, elements of nature that stand out in your life?

Many times our `aumakua are in our lives but we may not be aware of them and recognize that. Usually they stick out like a sore thumb whether it be to warn you, help you, heal advice is to pay close attention to everything around you. Especially, when out in nature...

Hope this is helpful.


the thing is....we have tons of house, i like to believe my aumakua is a mo'o, however, I know the mo'o 'aumakua of ancient times...weren't no house gecko.
I personally feel, that over time since animals evolve like people house geckos are the current relative of the mo'o of ancient times....that's just my take on it.
plus. the geckos at home....they are everywhere. even when we try to kill them, they never seem to disappear, when you think you got the big one...a bigger one is in its place tomorrow. they crap on things...and my take is, they just want us to clean, so move whatever they crapped on and we'll be fine.
HAHA...maybe i'm just crazy.
anyone know of any kupuna you can go to to find this stuff out...
If you don't have kupuna to share the knowledge, you can call apon your `aumakua but make sure you are clear with your request. but usually through my experience the `aumakua show up when you need them.

I believe the house gecko is appreciated because of the mo`o beliefs and respected even though non native we have adapted to them and like "any animal" if you have a relationship with them, it is a possibility.

A friends son one day was laying on the bed watching tv and a lizard egg fell on his stomach from the rafters of their house. The egg hatched on his stomach as he laughed and the lizard stayed on him for a long time. Then he finally took it off and put it on the side, you know, it climbed right back on his stomach. I told her, "das `aumakua" of course, her family is from Moloka`i where the mo`o is dominant in mo`olelo. So it is a possibility that it is your `aumakua. Please note `aumakua can also be elements of nature like rain, lightning, rainbows, and also plants (sometimes kino lau affiliations are important to know where that is concerned). Usually, they will do something "out of the ordinary" or as if they were reading your mind to a question and your ability to recognize it when it happens is integral for your understanding.

This is just my mana`o..might have others who can also give input.


There are clear instructions on refinding `aumakua in Malo (Hawaiian Antiquities), though the best bet would be to ask kupuna in your family. If there are none to ask, or if they don't know, then the instructions involve prayer, offerings, and a request that your `aumakua reveal themselves to you. You can read what Mary Kawena Pukui had to say about `aumakua relationships in the book Nānā i ke Kumu (Look to the Source) also.
best of luck on your search!
I would echo this mana'o of talking to kupuna, adding that even younger family members may know something important. If you start asking around in the family, that may be enough for you to "stir up" the aumakua's interest in revealing themselves. Remember that these guys have been with us since time immemorial; they've never left us for all that time, and they ain't gonna leave us now. Whatever you do, don't assume that someone doesn't have answers, even if most of the time you just think of him or her as your in-the-system cousin who has very little cultural connection. It's amazing how the tiny fragments of knowledge spread throughout a family (or even among those who knew the family) can add up to an awesomely deep picture of that family's cultural roots.

Another thing to keep in mind is that if your kupuna are like mine, they might seem at first to be telling you that they don't know, to go away and stop asking. Do not be stopped by this; it's a test. Do what you have to do to pass the test, win their confidence and get the answers you're looking for. Sometimes these are deeply buried, but they're there.

I really commend you for going for it with this search. Best of the blessed aloha for your quest!
Aloha E 'Ohu
I am trying to find out my 'aumakua and it might be the pueo but how do i make sure? how would i be able to request my aumakua reveal himself to me?

Did you read the instructions above? Go find David Maloʻs book "Hawaiian Antiquities" in the Library. and proceed! Tell us the results, if you feel moved to do so afterward!
Sometimes it can be revealed in your genealogy. Also, new ones are made as those that pass have a penchant for certain elements, animals, plants, etc. I have found the names of my aumakua and most were told to me by na kupuna. You will find that because of the generations and marriages into various families, we have more than one aumakua preserved by our 'ohana. Many have been personal aumakua that families will recognize. The thing is to find out their specific names. Later, I will share my list and those that can claim relations through genealogy will find their aumakua and their individual names; many will return in their predicted forms.

Me ka ha'aha'a,

Tane notes that there are more than one 'aumakua for a descendant, via the long string of joinings through family marriages, this is absolutely right. It always makes me smile a bit when somebody says "My 'aumakua is the honu." This is because firstly, the honu itself is not the 'aumakua, it is the kinolau (physical manifestation) of 'aumakua and each 'aumakua may have more than one kinolau, in fact, count on it! Secondly each of us has more than one ancestor that has passed, and therefore, more than one 'aumakua. I am impressed that he is willing to share the list, since the 'aumakua relationships are powerful and there is deep kuleana in the relationship. Once revealed, that kuleana is placed on you through that relationship and it is kaumaha (heavy). On the other hand, for those seeking that relationship, what Kane offers is a true gift.
Aloha K*nan, go to your kupuna and ask; there are usually many stories within the family, kept in confidence. These stories may come out of it a list; from it see if this list brings a about other findings like old jewelry depicting the story or depicting the 'aumakua itself. The men would normally have symbolic items depicting the 'aumakua whether by carving or stone image; old bowls with carvings, etc. Not sure how much of these types of resources are available to a family - if there is also not one available, go to see a kupuna who collects items such as this and see if they are willing to speak with you about finding your direction to conclude your true 'aumakua. Sometimes you may find 2 to 3 kupuna who would agree on an item, and disagree on the ornaments of the item - this is more likened to coat of arms - sometimes may also include the 'aumakua
succinct and correct!


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